How to Feel More Energy and Less Pain

Practitioner Training and Experience Journey

I started off at the age of seventeen with a three and a half year hospital based General and Obstetric Nursing training in Christchurch, New Zealand graduating in 1979.  Hands on experience was gained very early with general nursing duties of caring for people from surgical, medical, obstetric and rehabilitation wards.  I delivered two babies during the senior obstetric training period and assisted new mothers with their babies.

I moved to the Gold Coast lured by the magnificent beaches and worked as a registered nurse at the Gold Coast Hospital. Here I worked in the gynaecological, accident and emergency, eye (ophthalmic) and psychiatric wards. After a particularly hectic day in a gynaecology ward, women in bed after bed, post hysterectomies or endometriosis managed with strong medication, I thought there simply has to be a better way!

About 4 months later I was offered a job as a clinic assistant in a busy acupuncture and chiropractic clinic in Burleigh Heads through coincidental circumstances!  This was in the 80’s when not so much was known about acupuncture and natural therapies.  Enthralled with it, I stayed a year and was inspired to become a practitioner myself, undertaking a three and a half year Bachelor course at the Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture (BCTA). The training was rich involving many Chinese associate professors from Beijing and other parts of China and included traditional acupuncture methods, moxibustion, Diploma of Chinese herbal medicine and massage as well as lengthily western sciences.

During this time I also advanced my nursing career and knowledge by working in the intensive and coronary care unit at the Mater Public hospital. I was a night nurse responsible for ventilated and monitored patients and gained valuable experience over the five years.  It was very interesting to be working in a coronary care unit while studying acupuncture, the electrical study of the heart synchronised so well I wrote my thesis on the heart.

I continued nursing with QLD Nursing agency while developing my first acupuncture clinic in Moorooka, followed several years later developing the Kelvin Grove Healing Centre with a homoeopathic colleague.  I attended several private patients in Boothville and Wesley hospitals.

During this time I was a board member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese medicine Association developing their popular brochure on acupuncture, spoke on several radio interviews and had articles on Chinese and natural medicine published in natural health journals. I was also studying and practicing Tai Chi and martial arts.

In 1987 I accepted a position as Administrator at the Academy of Natural Therapies, Burleigh Heads, and a private training facility for Natural Therapies training students to be new practitioners. Writing and designing the courses into the competency based training format was at that stage pioneering new ground.

I designed the three year Diploma of Applied Science – Acupuncture, Naturopathy courses in collaboration from experts in their fields. It was to become the first Government Accredited training course in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Therapies in Australia.  This meant students could gain financial assistance to study natural therapies and clearly another step forward to recognition of the profession.  I was the Administrator of the Academy of Natural Therapies until 1996 facilitating the graduation of hundreds of students from these certificate and Advanced Diploma of Applied Science courses.  This position involved management, course design and delivery, human and physical resources, student counsel, teaching and clinic supervision. The course was purchased by TAFE and I had the pleasure of being invited back to teach in my own program for several years. I served as a course development consultant on course development committees shortly afterward and published a learner’s workbook for students on The Healing Flowers.  I completed an advanced course in astrology and body mind integration Kinesiology training at this time.

 Japanese acupuncture was introduced to me in the late 90’s and I was able to integrate these methods into the teaching programs.  I visited a respected teacher and Master Sensei in Japan and worked in a clinic allowing me to develop my knowledge further to include the therapeutic benefits in my treatments.  I had a client base of patients and supervised the student clinic as well as teaching practical acupuncture and moxibustion methods during this time. I left the Academy after nine and a half years and worked part time at Camp Eden health Retreat as the Acupuncturist and the backup registered field nurse. I was also at the Palm Beach Currumbin Private Hospital and clinic as a registered nurse working with clients under extreme psychological stress.  I established a clientele in the Currumbin area and in 1997 established Currumbin Holistic Healing, a beautiful two room clinic overlooking the ocean for 17 years! Car parking became a problem so I moved to another beautiful location overlooking a lake with a feast of bird life!  Banora Holistic Healing has been established now for nearly 4 years.

I practiceTraditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture and Moxa as well as many Japanese acupuncture methods. I specialise in illness and injury and engage my medical training and Kinesiology. I have gained a wealth of experience over the 40 years or so and developed a busy word of mouth healing business. I am registered with AHPRA and can provide health insurance rebates for eligable customers.

In 2003 I embarked on an advanced study of Kinesiology called the Neurological Integration System (NIS) or Neurolink as it was originally called. I attended many weekend training seminars and workshops reaching the Masters level training with the Neurolink Foundation in NZ in 2006, continuing with advanced training seminars until 2008.  I found these studies provided a valuable tool for investigating health priorities and a powerful modality of treatment. It became popular with people.

Another form of Kinesiology called Holographic Kinetics or Dreamtime Healing, an ancient aboriginal model was studied in 1995. This has added extra scope in exploring deeper emotional and spiritual issues.

My practitioner training and experience spans 42 years involving Nursing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, teaching, course design and Kinesiology to summarise. I offer a potent combination of eastern and western medicine involving biofeedback and acupuncture. All aimed at improving your quality of life! It gives me a lot of satisfaction to assist you in this way.  Warm Regards Heather