How to Feel More Energy and Less Pain

Kinesiology and Traditional Acupuncture/Moxa  

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Bringing your body into balance naturally is a superior way to achieve long lasting results. Your health complaint is assessed and treated as priority indicates. The aim is to get you comfortable, as quickly as posssible while addressing underlying issues with the least side effects.  Due to the holistic approach a wide range of symptoms can be assisted at once, people often bring a list in!

Traditional Chinese Medicine -  Acupuncture and  Moxibustion

Acupuncture -  Using the richly steeped ancient philosophy developed over the many years to apply traditional acupuncture methods. The methods are gentle and refined making the process user friendly. Over 35 years as an Acupuncture professional with hands on practical treatments.

Moxibustion - a special effect is created by the burning mugwort or moxa. This process has literally been used for centuries.  It has a soothing effect and a pleasant aromatic smell.

The whole family can benfit!!!
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